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Janpath is a friendly and solidarity forum for voluntary organizations, and concern individuals working in different parts of Gujarat on various issues with various approaches but who are basically committed to poor and oppressed ones in the society.

It is a platform for expressions of common concern of NGOs, CBOs, activists, professionals and individuals, committed to working for the poor & marginalized, while maintaining unique identity of each of its members. It’s a humble effort to facilitate sharing of information and to create common understanding among voluntary organizations on different aspects of people’s empowerment on prime issues of Gujarat

The overall goal of Janpath is to get together for solidarity, harmony, lobbing, advocacy, & policy influencing on prime issues of Gujarat.

For past many years Janpath has been consistently providing strong but ‘low profile nature’ leadership to its associates along with intellectual support as and when required, there by increasing and sharpening their capability. It has effectively depicted its impact in many parts of the state, through emergence of regional issue based networks.

Janpath counts its success in terms of self-sufficiency of its members to identify local unfocussed issues, and to start dealing with them independently.