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  Issues in Gujarat

Child Labour

The issue of child labour is as prominent in the state as in any part of Asia . Child labourers are found engaged right from tea stalls to hazardous industries like crackers manufacturing units, agate industries, diamond industries etc. Even government departments turn blind eye to the issue with justification that contractors hire such child labourers and social rehabilitation in their native place is not practically possible. Government has failed to effectively implement CLPRA (Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act).

There are differences of opinion on the issue of total abolition of Child labour. It is a known fact; the quality of education provided in municipal schools is so poor that it is impossible for the students to sustain after two to three years of enrollment. Though government claims to have opened one school per village in Gujarat, thousands of children belonging to migrating communities, fishing communities and salt pan workers are out of mainstream education due to lack of access to schools. These children are potential child labourers and are vulnerable to exploitation and at times to sexual abuse.