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Issues of DNT and migrant communities

Migration is inherent part of the life of namaic communities like Na, Bajaniya, Vadi, Saraniya. Some of these communities are notified as criminals from time fo british period. Today, their traditional means of earning livelihood has turned irreverent. Most of these communities today work as either construction workers or agricultural labourers. Because of their migratory life-style, these communities do not have ration card, voter’s identity card which makes them more vulnerable. I n a way, these are invisible unheard people.

Janpath, from its very beginning have given first priority to lesser known issues, initiate and promote collective actions. We have initiated preliminary study on the issue soothe 42 identified nomadic communities. The district chosen in the initial phase are Surendranagar, Mehasana and Ahmedabad. The regional consultations in all three districts have been done. Members that have joined in this study have formed a forum called Vicharata Samudaay Samarthan Manch. A forum has community representatives (41%), activists (21%) and community based organizations (38%). In near future it is planned to have detailed survey in these three districts.