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  Issues in Gujarat
Need for Grater Collaborations

In the context of the above changed circumstances, the nature and scale of the issues go beyond the scope of a single organization. Therefore, the situation demands greater collaborations & collective efforts by VO's from local to global levels. This process should establish greater vertical and horizontal linkages among VO's and concerned institutions & individuals.
The VO's not only need to respond to the changing external and internal development context but need to reposition themselves to emerge as an effective partner in nation building process. 
It has been observed that in the last few years that the onslaught of the culture of globalization, liberalizations and privatizations and its concomitant ethos of competition and survival of the fittest seem to undermine voluntary efforts for the development of the poor. This is another reason for the need to strengthen and consolidate voluntary sector.

It is in this context that JANPATH being an association of member organizations proposes to contribute to the emerging needs of the organizations of and for the marginalizes people of Gujarat by undertaking a process of co-ordination, consolidation and networking.