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Organization Structure

Janpath has Four-layered organizational structure;

  1. General Body of members

  2. Governing Body consisting of 1/5 th member of the total membership of the organization.

  3. Executive Committee consisting of five members, four elected and one nominated member.

  4. Secretariat headed by President and executive secretary, which looks after day-to-day activities and administration of the organization.

Decision Making Process within Janpath:

The Karobari Samiti (‘Executive Committee), consisting of five regular plus five invitees, takes all administrative decisions on the basis of the agenda presented by the Secretary, as also about any matter raised independently by the members. It also monitors the working and reviews the progress of the organization. It prepares & proposes new programmes, activities and approaches on the considerations of the Niyamak Samiti and the General Body

The Secretary is its executive or implementing arm. He/she conducts the office-administration as well as the programs in the field. In matters of personnel and finance, including major material facilities the Personnel and Finance Committee advise her/him.

The Niyamak Samiti is the Advisory Council for providing general guidelines on issues worth taking up, or direction of our policies. At present it has 29 members (one fifth of the total), which is fairly representative of the general body and considers various approaches and opinions on all-important issues in the state of Gujarat