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Vision and Mission

Janpath was founded for a mission to strengthen local initiatives for empowerment of the people towards development in 1990, in response to the felt need of several NGOs in Gujarat for a united and cohesive impact of their work. It’s a friendly forum Voluntary Organizations, activists, professionals, and individuals committed and sensitive towards the problems of marginalized sector of the society.


Janpath has been trying to provide voice and visibility to sectoral, issue based, regional, grass root level organizations on a common platform.
Janpath acts as platform, network, and an association of voluntary action in Gujarat.

  • A platform, it promoting voluntarism and providing political space for voluntary action.
  • A network, for sharing ideas, seeking alternatives, building solidarity to promote and protect the rights of the people.
  • A solidarity forum, fostering value based voluntary action and sustainability of NGOs interventions..


  • To Promote, support and strengthen people centered voluntary action in Gujarat.
  • To document social movements, mass mobilization process, and programmed.
  • To build capacity of the network to maximize effectiveness and impact.
  • To build convergenc-0e between GO - NGO/CBO/VO interventions.