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  Issues in Gujarat


The population of women in Gujarat is 836 as compared to 1000 men, with as low as 801 in Mehsana district to 922 in Kutch district. The literacy ratio among women in the state is 60%. The incidences of atrocities are increasing considerably. In the city like Ahmedabad every week one incidence of rape is registered, which is only 1/20 of actual number of such incidences.

The violence against women of Dalit and scheduled casts has also increased from . to.. in last five years. The targeting of women during communal violence are equally disturbing. Other issues of concern are food insecurity among women in tribal areas, Kutch , Saurastra region and other drought prone areas in the state. For instance, in one of the public hearing organised by Right to Food campaign-Gujarat, 700 of the 1000 women reported low haemoglobin count (between 6 and 7). Food insecurity is found higher among single and widow women, so much so that in some instances, women are compelled to work as sexual worker to earn daily bread for their children.

After communal violence of 2002, the conditions of women among minority community are worst. There is lot of insecurity amongst the community and distrust, which has increased the restrictions on the girl children and women. There are instances found of child marriage among minority community due to feeling of insecurity. This is an indicator of deteriorating democracy and is an issue of great concern.

According to Census report 2001